Your Annual Long Term Condition Review

We invite all our patients with long term conditions every year for an annual review.

Depending on your long term condition, this may include a blood test, a physical examination in the practice or a telephone review.

We invite patients in for their annual review by their birthday month.



So when you recieve our invitation text message or letter that your annual review is due - you can use one of these forms below to submit some information to us. 

If you are unable to complete an online form, then do not worry as our reception team will book you a telephone review with one of our practice nurses for your annual review.  The receptionist will inform you when you ring if you need a blood test prior to this telephone appointment with the nurse.

If you do complete one of the online annual review forms, this will be reviewed by our experienced practice nurse team, who will be in touch directly  if they require additional information or they want to review your symptoms further.

Patients with heart disease, high blood pressure (or on medication for blood pressure) thyroid problems, diabetes or those patients who have had a stroke will all require a blood test as part of their annual review.   

Please let our receptionists know if you have had a recent blood test as we may be able to use these results as part of your annual review.

Patients with dementia, severe mental illness and learning disabilities are also invited every year for an annual physical health check. These are coordinated separately by a dedicated member of our admin team who will contact your directly to arrange this review when it is due.

Additional Review Questionnaires

Below are some additional questionnaires which you may be asked to complete by one of our clinicians.